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Over the past 6 years we have used a variety of methods to design our projects.  In many cases we work with interior designers and/or architects to develop overall layout and functionality of the cabinet project.  As our customer, you will be provided with a complete set of drawings of both the layout of your project and of every individual piece of furniture included in your projects. On some of our projects this extends to over 300 individual pieces and everyone of them is organized, numbered, and double checked for accuracy.

In order to attain this level of specificity we adapt a myriad of design formats into CAD.  For example many of our projects are designed in 20/20, the most common design software we use.  Our catalog is also available in 20/20 software and can be emailed to your designer to work from.

It is  important to note that though we are capable of delivering nearly every design possible under the sun, we prefer to work from our standard design formats and dimensions as we have honed these over the past years and they are tried and true.

Once again, we are able to work from a drawing on a napkin, a picture from a magazine, or a hand drawing.  We hope that you use your imagination to make your project truly yours.  We work with you and your designers to make sure that your vision is realized.

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