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Our Products

Origin Teak ProductsDesign:  Origins Teak’s classic furniture style designs are as timeless as our quality.  While our featured inset doors and drawers and signature furniture style foot are common in fine furniture, this feature is virtually unheard of in cabinetry.  Similarly, all 4 sides of our cabinets include fully styled and finished panels as a standalone piece of furniture.   Quality features like these are why many of our customers can’t bear to part with our cabinets when they move, and often re-use them in a new kitchen or bath; or as individual furniture pieces throughout the home.  This concept may seem unusual to some.  However this is because standard cabinets lack the features, finish and strength of Origin Teak Cabinetry and are normally trashed if replaced.

Materials:  Origin Teak cabinets are made of 100% solid reclaimed, re-milled teak.   Not just the frames, but every piece of the entire cabinet is solid teak.  Absolutely no plywood, pressboard, fiberboard or veneers are used.

We use teak because it is among the world’s strongest, most beautiful and stable woods.  We use reclaimed teak because its older growth lumber includes richer grain patterns and color, and has fully cured through the years.  Teak is virtually unaffected by time and elements, and even pests such as termites.   This is why it has been the preferred wood in boat building for centuries, and is ideal for the production of high quality furniture.

Construction:   Origin Teak Cabinets are 100% hand built by proud craftsmen.  Joinery is pegged mortis and tenon or dovetail.  No nails, staples, pins or screws are used.  Hinges are hand mortised, set and adjusted.  Each cabinet is a standalone piece of furniture; fully paneled on both sides and in back.

We also use the highest quality, full extension drawer runners with silent, effortless operation and soft, self-closing action.  Our standard door hinges are brass barrel design with finial tips.  Hidden European style hinges are also available on request.

Finish:  All frames, panels, doors and drawers are hand sanded and textured; and each individual cabinet is finished on all sides.   The color finish is 100% hand-rubbed on all surfaces and edges inside and out.  So even when open, the beauty of the solid teak and the attention to detail is seen in our shelves, doors, drawers, and all the way to the back of the cabinet.

Value:  To some it’s hard to imagine that Origin Teak can be competitive with cabinets that can only hope to approach the quality of our products.  Our customers appreciate that there are no additional charges for end panels, fully finished interiors, etc., and when compared in a finished bid oftentimes price us under the competition.


  • 100% hand-made furniture style cabinetry
  • Recessed doors and drawers
  • Solid Teak wood construction
  • Hand Finished inside and out
  • Finished all sides inside and out
  • Full extension, self-closing drawer runners
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Brass Barrel or hidden euro-style hinges