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Teak MaterialsRecycled and/or Plantation Teak is the material of choice for shipbuilders and for outdoor furniture makers alike due to its’ impervious nature and resistance to rot and insect damage. Teak Oil, naturally occurring in teak, has enzymes which resist attack by micro-organisms such as fungi, mold, wood rot and insects such as termites and post-pile beetles. As a woodworking material, teak is renowned for it’s tensile strength and resistance to warping and shrinkage.

Teak is excellent for furniture and cabinetry because is does not tend to warp or move.   Teak replaces plywood in most cabinetry applications because it holds it’s shape and functionally very strong.

Teak’s grain pattern and patina make it one of the worlds most beautiful hardwoods and considered by woodworkers to be of the highest quality much like rosewood, Koa from Hawaii, and Honduran mahogany.