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Teak ConstructionWhy are the terms “Custom” and “solid wood cabinetry” so loosely thrown around by cabinet makers and consumers today? When you open the doors and look inside expensive “solid wood” cabinetry, you still see white particle board shelves, plywood backs, and veneered panels. When you ask a cabinet maker for a specific drawer style, shelf profile, or an off width size, they still call this an upgrade and charge you more. Because we design our cabinetry to be like individual pieces of free-standing furniture, they are truly 100% solid wood throughout, beautifully paneled, and hand finished both inside and out. We try not to use fill when possible and we don’t hide our “custom” construction using scribe, crown, and base board. Not one piece of plywood, particle board, or MDF can be found in our cabinets. No end skins, vinyl, or plastic pins are used because we takes pride in our ability to offer the industry standard selling “custom”, true 100% “solid-wood ” cabinetry.

Inset Doors– Due to the difficulty in the fitting inset doors into fine cabinetry, it is contrary to the market standard of face frame or “Euro” style cabinetry. You will find that inset doors are not the standard at your local kitchen store. Where the difficulty in common kitchen construction lies in leveling a door that slams shut against the stile, true craftsmen prefer the smooth closure of an inset door.