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Considering Custom Kitchen Cabinets? Choose Beautiful, Durable, Eco-Friendly Teak Wood

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pccnc3If you’re looking for custom kitchen cabinets, naturally you’re in the market for something that is not only beautiful and functional, but also distinctive. Teak kitchen cabinets from Origin Teak Cabinet Company can help you achieve this goal. We can help you develop and refine your vision for your dream kitchen in order to create a set of gorgeous, compelling custom kitchen cabinets that capture your own personal style and increase your home value at the same time. We work exclusively in teak wood, and we believe that you should consider teak for your custom kitchen cabinets. Here are four reasons why.

Teak is Gorgeous

First of all, teak wood is just plain gorgeous. It’s been an extremely popular wood for centuries, and for good reason. Each piece of teak wood features deep, distinctive graining and rich color, which can be accentuated using a variety of hand-rubbed finishes in dark, medium, or light tones. Teak wood is also very versatile, and by altering the stylistic details of your custom kitchen cabinet design, we can easily make teak wood cabinets blend seamlessly with a wide variety of architectural styles.

Teak Wood Lasts

Another reason to invest in teak custom kitchen cabinets is that teak is extremely durable. Because teak won’t warp or crack like other woods, you can enjoy your teak cabinets for decades and they can become a real family heirloom. If you’re interested in solid wood cabinetry, teak is one of the best woods to choose because it is one of the few hardwoods that is strong enough to be used to create all the parts of a cabinet. We are able to use teak to create structural elements like dovetail joints and pegged mortis and tenon joinery, as well as for sturdy shelves and stylistic details like delicately carved moldings and accents.

Teak is Natural and Safe

Other custom cabinet manufacturers may try to cut corners by using manufactured wood products like plywood, MDF, melamine, and particle board for interior partitions or cabinet backs. Not only are these materials ugly, they are also potentially unsafe because they can contain adhesives that emit cancer-causing chemicals. Our solid teak cabinets do not pose any health or safety risks to your family because we do not use any manufactured wood products or harmful chemicals.

Teak Wood is Guilt-Free

Some people shy away from solid wood custom kitchen cabinets because they feel guilty about cutting down trees. When you get custom kitchen cabinets from Origin Teak Cabinet Company, you don’t have to worry about negatively impacting the environment because all of the teak we use comes from reclaimed sources. The boards used in your cabinets will come from trees that were cut down long ago and used to build other structures such as historic Dutch plantation houses. Using reclaimed teak is actually good for the environment because it reduces waste.

We hope we’ve convinced you to consider teak wood for your custom kitchen cabinets! If you have any questions or would like to begin the design process, please contact us now.