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  • Origin Teak Cabinet Company: Your Direct Link to High-Quality, Solid Teak Custom Products

    Origin Teak Cabinet Company offers an incredible builders’ resource for homebuilders, designers, contractors and architects looking for high-quality, solid teak products at a reasonable price. We build only the best with no middleman, distributor, re-seller, retail store, etc. between you and your products. Our Products Sadly, most wood building products on the market are essentially imitation mdf, plywood, or veneer trying to look "real". Using Origin Teak Cabinet Company to produce your architectural elements and woodwork essentially replaces all these prefab manufactured products with solid 100% recycled or FSC certified teak for a comparable price. We take your average traditional building products to a new level, producing solid teak doors, cabinets, beams, flooring, furniture, etc. in our factory in Indonesia. You can rely on our products to look beautiful and last for decades. Our Partners One of the reasons that Origin Teak Cabinet Company is able to produce such high-quality solid teak items at an affordable price is that we work directly with excellent partners to source our wood, design our products, and craft the finished items. We have a great partner in Indonesia who studied finishing and furniture construction in Europe ...

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  • Considering Custom Kitchen Cabinets? Choose Beautiful, Durable, Eco-Friendly Teak Wood

    If you’re looking for custom kitchen cabinets, naturally you’re in the market for something that is not only beautiful and functional, but also distinctive. Teak kitchen cabinets from Origin Teak Cabinet Company can help you achieve this goal. We can help you develop and refine your vision for your dream kitchen in order to create a set of gorgeous, compelling custom kitchen cabinets that capture your own personal style and increase your home value at the same time. We work exclusively in teak wood, and we believe that you should consider teak for your custom kitchen cabinets. Here are four reasons why. Teak is Gorgeous First of all, teak wood is just plain gorgeous. It’s been an extremely popular wood for centuries, and for good reason. Each piece of teak wood features deep, distinctive graining and rich color, which can be accentuated using a variety of hand-rubbed finishes in dark, medium, or light tones. Teak wood is also very versatile, and by altering the stylistic details of your custom kitchen cabinet design, we can easily make teak wood cabinets blend seamlessly with a wide variety of architectural styles. Teak Wood Lasts Another reason ...

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  • New Recycled finger Joint Teak Arriving

    Awesome for countertops and for wall coverings. Beautiful hand made from scrap recycled teak. We have 2.5" thick coming as well as 1" for cladding. really beautiful stuff. On the container now and headed for our project at Sota Sushi in Corona del Mar.

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  • DCF Construction completes incredible Pacific Beach remodel

    Check out to get a look at some truly innovative teak projects.

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  • Origin Teak Introduces Teakology–Taking Green Building to the Next Level

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Clemente, CA, February 1, 2012— Before you go pricing kitchen cabinets at the local home stores, consider having custom cabinets hand made from centuries-old 100% solid recycled teak using only 100% green building materials and environmentally responsible business practices for the same price as cabinets from the home store.  Starting in 2008, no plywood MDF, veneers, or formaldehyde can be found anywhere in Origin Teak products and the cabinets themselves are removable and can be re-installed indefinitely meaning they will never be demolished and destined for the landfill.  Not only are the cabinets "green" but every project is truly a work of art. Since its inception in 2005, Origin Teak has always used 100% recycled solid teak.  But after developing The Leaf Project at Earth island Institute, and a line of eco-friendly cleaners, Jason Nedelman, President and co-founder of Origin Teak, realized that that all green products and companies must take environmental, social, and economic factors into consideration.  This meant not only the materials, but also the production and all people affected from the factory to the air quality in your home.  The goal of the company became “cradle to cradle” responsibility for it’s products.  This new completely ...

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  • New Website Launched

    Welcome to Origin Teak Cabinet's new website!

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