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Origin is proud to offer 100% recycled teak cabinetry that far exceeds both quality and environmental standards for the green building industry. We strive everyday to operate our business with the highest level of environmental and social responsibility. From our Teakology line, which uses non-toxic FDA approved glues and NO VOC finishing, to our various programs to improve the environment and lives of our employees at the factory, Origin truly leads the way toward a sustainable future.

Origin takes pride in the following features:

• 100% Recycled reclaimed teak
• 100% Hand-made
• Reusable and not destined for the landfill
• Totally free of Plywood, MDF, and Veneer
• No new trees are cut down
• Microlending program for factory workers
• Increased factory safety and compensation standards
• Support multiple eco-efforts worldwide
• Complemented by carbon offset program
• Incorporate Triple Bottom Line (TBL)

We work with your designer, architect, or builder to ensure that your environmental goals are priority. Whether for the residential, commercial, or hospitality markets, we not only offer a product that surpasses current construction standards in quality, without the common, often prohibitive, price increases associated with green products. This represents a great value for the green lifestyle and is the cornerstone of a truly green project.