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Origin Teak Cabinet company

To our Customers, Friends, and Family…We hope that you become all three!

Owner of Teak Cabinet

Owner Jason Nedelman

Origin Teak Cabinet company originally began as a furniture import store in San Clemente Ca. in 2002. We designed and imported various furniture lines including teak cabinets, teak patio furniture, recycled teak cabinets, stone carving, ceramics, and metal work. Working with many different factories in Java and Bali over the years we built up a fairly wide range of products. Plus traveling to Indonesia and moving from village to village occasionally getting in a good surf was always part of the charm.

Over time we had several builders visit the store to buy multiple teak cabinets and  pieces made from recycled teak. When asked what they were doing the builders made it clear that they were retro-fitting the existing furniture pieces and installing them as vanities and kitchens. The light bulb went off and we began working with 2 workshops in Java to create cabinets to the specifications of the builders. We used CAD, 20/20 and even hand drawings to create our first generation of cabinets back in 2006. It was a huge success. Builders could order exactly what they needed, hand-made, from recycled teak and receive a true artisan product that is untouchable in modern US cabinet shops.

Teak Cabinet

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Since then we have built and installed over 170 projects. From complex complete houses to the smallest mantle, we create some truly original projects with personality and soul. We are immensely proud that we are able to bring your imagination to life in wood, stone, and metal. Our cabinet products our made from the finest wood in the world. Recycled once and re-useable for another 1000 years, they will never end up in the landfill.

We also have been lucky enough to plant over 10,000 trees in Java and sponsor an orphanage in our village. We have plans in the works to create a micro-lending program for our employees to use for medical treatment or education.

We love what we do and hope you choose to be a part of this journey with us. When someone asks you where you got your beautiful cabinets it’s always a kick to be able to say “I had these cabinets hand made in Java, with reclaimed wood from old houses. They were made by hand at a village at the base of the Merapi Volcano. These cabinets supported a local school, helped to dig a well, planted a thousand trees, and are a real world example of true “Green” practices in that they leave the world a better place”

All the Best and Terima Kasih!Teak Cabinet Workers

Jason Nedelman

Origin Teak Cabinet company is based in San Clemente, CA where we have been building and installing our signature projects since 2002.